My New Year Resolutions

I would like to share a piece of me with you. I have been blogging before, but usually I keep my ego under the carpet. This time I want you to see me naked, raw, no filters, no masks. I guess I want the whole 2020 to be like that.

I want to share with you my new year resolutions with you for multiple reasons:

  • It’s the season and I guess I really should create a post that is related to New Years (I see creators of any source honouring cultural and global traditions.)

  • I want to write a message to myself in the future (It’s gonna be super fun sitting down in 365 days and see how this whole plan-work-manifest thing works out).

  • I want to inspire you. I love doing that, apparently I’m good at it? (Well, if so, here we are.)

  • But most importantly I want to share a piece of me with you. I don’t know who you are, what you are doing in life or what your relationship is to me. You could be my neighbour or a total stranger (but hopefully not a freak!) on the other side of the planet. It doesn’t matter. You are here. And so am I.

I know deep down in my heart that there are so many beautiful people out there. Like-minded, compassionate human beings, who are on a similar or same mission as me:

  • Discovering self-growth

  • Building a community

  • Helping people to help themselves

  • Inspiring others

  • Finding a better way to live

  • Learning about sustainability

  • Working on their physical/mental/spiritual well-being

  • Sharing their love

I want to meet people like me. I really, seriously want to meet you if you are not in my life already. And I know I can only do that by being totally, honestly myself. With no filter.

Ok, so here is my one and only and most important purpose for 2020:

I am going to be seriously manifesting shit. To me that means:

  • getting my degree done

  • moving to a better place - my current apartment is very cold…

  • seeing my family and friends more - some of them are moving back to UK! I am beyond happy

  • getting a driving licence (yeah, about time, I'm 28)

  • creating a job for myself

  • building my community of awesome people

  • becoming healthier - eating better, sleeping as I did before I turned myself into a manifesting machine… (ideally 10 pm - 6 am), do yoga regularly (all aspects, right now because of travelling I’m a bit off track to be honest)

  • make my retreat come true so I can meet the amazing people in my community - and I can work with my family and friends during those weeks! That is the best job ever! I want to bring everyone to one place and share our experiences, knowledge, and love. Having fun together while learning and evolving. Even my Mum wants to join! She never met some dearest friends of mine from around the world (yes, I lived in many places and traveled my fair bit). Having everyone in the same place is going to be my dream coming true.

And I think that’s all. Also I want to learn more about building a business so I can actually do the things I love for living.

So 2020 needs to be a year for manifestation, dear Universe. I will work hard and do everything so you will help me with it.

I really don’t know wether you believe in karma or not, but I have been paying attention to karma for a while now and I can tell you: you can not b*tch with it. You can observe and befriend karma. You can not cheat karma. You can honour and treat it right. You can not ignore karma if you want to live consciously. (I think karma is the coolest thing I began to understand in 2019 through my 300 hour teacher training program. And yes, I only just began to understand it… )

Anyways, this post is not about Mr Karma.

It’s about me wanting to share with you my behind the scenes, so you can decide wether to stick in my life and come with me on this journey or not.

If you are my family, thank you for sticking with me, I know you kind of have to, but also I receive so much support and love from you, you don’t even know. (Yes, Mum, I told you today I will keep reminding you of this!)

If you are my friend, thank you for honouring me with your time and love, I am forever grateful and since most my friends are in a different country, I hope we find a way to meet up and nurture our friendship. That either means I will be in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and of course England this year (or if we become friends in 2020, any other country we will meet in!), or we will find a place and way to meet. Or both? Wow, now that would be even more awesome!

If you know me from social media, I hope you will join me on the retreat and we can meet in real life! I know so many people bash social media, but dude I got to know my sister from Instagram. (for explanation: we are best friends but I have 2 brothers and she has no siblings so we decided we will be family. I have known her since 16 September 2016. Yes, I remember the first time she messaged me on Facebook) She saw me there, then on Facebook and YouTube and since then we stick together. I truly believe that finding like-minded people can happen through social media. That’s why I am creating Karuna Yoga Community. I’m in love with the project, even though I am a bit clueless on how to go with it, but I know it will unfold because the few people involved are amazing, so it can only go well - even if slow.

So yes, this year we will seriously manifest. (My true self and my physicals self is the “we”. If it’s a post about getting to know me, I would like to also share that I prefer to say “I” when I talk about doing things. I feel by saying “I”, I only address my ego. But by saying “we” I can better express Atman (soul, self, God, love, whatever) and the physical manifestation of it. Sorry If this is non-sense yogic jargon for you! Anyways, moving on…)

We will learn so much to make all this come true. To be honest I am a bit freaked out with the driving license. No, not about the graduation or the retreat. About those I’m excited, but sitting in a machine that is super powerful and can kill people…

Yes I know I make so much sense.

As this post has not really got beginning, middle and end it’s time to thank you so much for reading this. (Maybe I should also add story-telling skills to my list… Just joking, take me or leave me :D)

Honestly, I know not a lot of people read my posts, but just so you know, I am here and I am so happy that you are too. I am honoured to be able to share my life with you.

Happy 2020!

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