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My personal yoga journey

I started practicing asanas when I was 23 years old. I didn't have a conscious decision to start doing yoga but I was lucky enough to have a colleague of mine teaching yoga at work for free. I didn't have any previous experience but I really enjoyed the process, I learnt quite a few poses and I always experienced calmness after. That experience inspired me to dive deeper into the world of yoga.

I carried my practice with me wherever I moved after, Vietnam, Hungary, England and wherever I traveled in between I kept practicing yoga (best way to remobilise yourself during a long transit at airports). That is the first aspect I love about yoga. All you need is yourself. 

I moved to Vietnam and practiced yoga there too, this time without a teacher. I was too shy to go to classes so I did it in my living room but I definitely didn't know anything about alignment, breath control, meditation, yet alone the philosophy part of it (which grew to be one of my favourite aspects of my studies later on). But I felt that practicing does good to me and I wanted to know more. I was dreaming about doing a yoga teacher training but I already planned to leave Vietnam to do my BA degree in acting and I couldn't afford the courses around me anyways. 

I moved to London, I was working in hospitality while auditioning for acting schools. I still did my asana practice, not as regularly as I do it now, but as time allowed it. I didn't transform much from the amount of effort I put into yoga but I maintained my flexibility and I always was happy to have the space in my head whenever I practiced. Yet I still didn't know anything about how to utilise yogic techniques or how important breath is, or how to be safe during my practise. The only thing I knew was that yoga would stay with me.

Once I got accepted for studies at East 15 Acting School on Southend-on-Sea, Essex, I moved out of the city, but I kept my weekend job there. In my first term I still travelled to London on the weekends and worked full days. But soon my battery ran low, I felt exhausted and I knew that I was not able to fully focus on my studies. One day my bike got stolen, which was the last drop in the glass but really it felt like it was a sign from the Universe to stop doing what I was doing. So I quit my job.

By then I had 5 years of experience in hospitality and assumed I would only be able to get a job doing some waitressing, so I checked vegan places near my home where I could possibly get a weekend job (being a vegan it was important to me to work at a place that is in an alignment with my moral values). I found Yoga Dharma Cafe on Happy Cow (a pretty cool application if you are a traveller and looking for veggie options near your location) and contacted them.

I found their website where they advertised for an internship at their yoga centre for someone to help them build their social media. Since I was travelling a lot in my early twenties and edited my travel videos I offered Martin to make videos for Yoga Dharma and he offered to let me participate in his 200 hour teacher training program for free along with the internship payment.

The money wasn't great, but there I was having my dream come true, finally doing a yoga teacher training course. I had amazing people around me, I started going to more classes but most importantly I felt safe in the hands of the Dharma team. I learn more about yoga in a year than ever before and I started to establish my own practice.

The course was outlined for 12 months, I finished it in 15 months, while making videos that helped me understand much much more about yoga. At points I was super overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do on both courses, I had personal struggles and even doubted myself that I could finish everything. But whenever I went to practice or worked on my homework for the course I fell in love with yoga over and over again. Martin's knowledge always amazed me and I was so happy to be in a community of people who are interested in yoga. I felt constantly inspired for learning and growth! I fell in love with the community there, made friends whom kept on inspiring me and still do to this day.

Like a sponge, I was and am doing my best to learn as much as I can and understand the why's and the how's in yoga, now finishing my 300 hour teacher training at Yoga Dharma to further my knowledge.

Yoga helped me to grow as a person, to be more aware of myself and assisted in my spiritual growth. And it does, continuously. I meet beautiful and inspiring people in the community and I feel most in my element when I have a regular practice going on in my life. Yoga helps me tremendously as a performer and going through actor training I noticed so many similar techniques. But I feel regardless of what one's profession is, yoga can and will support every individual on their path.

I will help you build a personalised and safe practice that you can trust and commit to no matter where you are. I will teach you about your body and how to understand it and work with it, but most importantly how to cherish it and love it. I want to make you feel good in your skin, powerful in your everyday, so you can wake up and fulfill whatever your dharma (duty) is.

I want to inspire you, guide you and teach you all I've learnt, while learning from you about you.

I am teaching classes at centres, focusing on mobility, highlighting the importance of the subtle body (energetic body) and explaining how to work with it. I find breath the most important aspect of my own practice, the best guide, and a very powerful tool in my daily life so I will always incorporate Pranayama (breath control) in my classes.

I built Karuna Yoga because I want to share my knowledge and also build a community of like-minded people. I always found friends in the yoga community, and I believe it's a beautiful way to connect with each other. I value every Karuna member and hope that we can support each other not only in our yoga practice but in life as well.

Come get to know me in one of my group classes in the studio, or join our online classes and community. Feel free to ask questions in the forum here or write an e-mail to me personally! 

I hope to see you soon!



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