Ashtanga Yoga

Learn the practices of the ashtanga yoga system.


Strength and Flexibility

Ashtanga yoga balances both.


Mindful movement

Learn to be conscious in your body, on and off the mat.



To yourself and others. Find friends and support in our worldwide community.


Stress relief

Breathe, balance, blossom and become more tranquil in the mind.


Explore the yogic life

Learn about the 8 limbs of ashtanga and the yogic lifestyle.


Who's That Girl?

She is a passionate human being. Whatever she starts she gives her full heart and attention to.

It is not any different with yoga and all her clients.


She follows Ashtanga Yoga, the 8 limb path that is brought to the west by Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (born on 18/11/1888). Veronika was born on 19/11/1991, and although she found yoga before she found out about the birthday of Krishnamacharya, she feels it's a special sign. Probably it isn't.

She tried different yoga styles but the 8 limbed ashtanga style amazed her and she decided this will be her life. No matter what, she found a place that inspired her for constant spiritual growth.


She started practicing with Martin Thompson in Essex, England, who was her teacher to go to every week for 2 years.

She completed Martin's 200 hour course and taught yoga in his studio in England. Right after that she has completed his 300 hour more extensive course.

She has also done Martin’s 100 hour Pranayama Course, so she can take her practice to the next level (and beyond).

She moved back to Budapest, Hungary last year, but she is hoping that she can meet Martin on his teacher training programs in Bulgaria. 


She was always physically fit, but yoga taught her conscious movement and body awareness, which helped her with chronic hip pain, elbow and knee pain.

She will not be able to replace your doctor - nor it is her aim, but she sure is always happy to give you insight on what helped her.


Veronika loves yoga philosophy. Maybe she was a scholar in her previous life with some unfinished business, or maybe it's the role she played in Dr Faustus.

We don't know, but she likes contemplating on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. If she is not doing that, probably she is contemplating on something else of a lesser value.


For her the most challenging part of yoga is the practice of the mind. She overthinks a lot and analyses things to unnecessary details.

So she keeps practicing meditation to bring herself back into balance again and also to stay creative and calm.


She chose the slogan breathe, balance, blossom, because she truly thinks that the quality of the breath is the quality of the life we live. She heard this saying from Gurmukh Kaul Khalsa and it stuck with her. 

She is always observing her breath and realised how much more in tuned she is with herself since she respects this piece of knowledge. She would like to carry on teaching people to breathe better, to balance the mind and blossom into their truest self.

She invites you to come to her home yoga studio or meet her in her online classes, where she teaches everything ashtanga related. Beginners classes, ashtanga led classes, drill classes, pranayama, pratyahara and mindfulness.

She will also motivate you on your journey, which just happens to be her true nature, so prepare to say no to laziness and yes to the practice!


What is Karuna?

The meaning of KARUNA

  • Karuna is one of the four reflections of universal friendship

  • Compassion

  • Dwelling in karuna is a means for attaining a happy present life and heavenly rebirth

  • The word comes from the Sanskrit kara meaning "to do" or "to make", indicating and action-based form of compassion, rather than the pity or sadness associated with the English word

  • Karuna is the doing of something to alleviate suffering

  • Karuna is selfless compassion that expects nothing in return, not even gratitude.

  • To the Buddha, Karuna represents the "quivering of the heart" experienced when the individual is able to see suffering and must act.

  • Karuna is one of the nine basic emotions (rasas) in Hinduism. In this belief system, the individual must rid him/herself of self-centred forms of pity to attain the highest level of compassion that Karuna represents.

  • In Mahayana Buddhism, karuna is one of the two qualities, along with prajna (enlightened wisdom), to be cultivated on the path to become and enlightened, compassionate spirit.

  • In Theravada Buddhism, karuna is one of the four divine abodes in which one can live happily and attain re-birth.


"Remember that yoga is the practice of observing yourself without judgement."

T. K. V. Desikachar


Veronika is a lovely person and such a fabulous Yoga teacher I am now totally hooked on Yoga 😀 and enjoy her classes so much thank you 😀 x

Caroline C.

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